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Massi and Richie are back with episode 9, heaps of banter and lots of great tunes!

Episode 8

Massi and Richie are back with episode 8 and what might be the funniest podcast yet!

Episode 7

Massi and Richie are back after a long break. Massi is now in Rome while Richie moved to Auckland but distance hasn't stopped them from recording a new exilarathing episode. 


This is the last episode Massi and Richie recorded in Wellington (New Zealand), together, in the same room. No tears were shed, because they are pros.


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Richie is the founder of UM Records, Black Room, Untitled Music and the Deep House page on Facebook.

He also hates biographies.


Massi is the founder of S.U.M. and producer of the podcasts. He is also the co-host of Deep Beats Hit Parade.