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Hosted by: Richie Hartness and Massi "Deeka" Alessandrini

Guest Mix by BiG AL (Ready Mix Records)

BiG AL aka Adel Ghandour is the main man behind “Ready Mix Records”, “Haute Musique”, “Tiny Lamp”, “StereoTrip”, “Itom Records” and “Empty Whisky Flask Records”.

BiG AL also hosts the global edition of the Ready Mix Sessions events in (Beirut, Miami, Montreal, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Amman and Casablanca) along with the internationally broadcasted radio show and podcast which is syndicated to air on several international radio stations including the award winning Proton Radio (USA).


Track list - 

1. Matt Gray - Get Down Like That (Original Mix) - Society 3.0 Recordings
2. Lukas Poellauer - Underground - forTunea
3. Olga Kouklaki - Charmer (Giom Remix) - Supremus
4. Sasha Anastasov - Interstellar String Ensemble (Sebb Junior Remix) - Super Duper Soul
5. Funkyloco & Lisa Shaw - Stand Up (Animist Remix) - So Sound Recordings
6. She Can't Love You (Kenny Summit's Space Terrace Mix) - Thylacine Sounds

==== Classic Tune ====

Nexus 21 - Self Hypnosis - Network Records - 1990

Guest mix Track list -